Hyperglycemia Symptoms

Hyperglycemia Symptoms

What is Hyperglycemia? When the sugar level in the blood rises above the normal level then medically such syndrome is termed as “Hyperglycemia”. Hyperglycemia or more frequently a “high blood sugar” is a condition that arises when an excessive quantity of glucose flows in blood plasma. Read about mono symptoms and mono symptoms in adults.

Usually level of glucose higher than 180 mg/dl (10 mmol/l) can lead to hyperglycemia, but you will notice symptoms when this value goes to 270-360 mg/dl (15-20 mmol/l). Furthermore, the chronic level more than 125 mg/dl (7 mmol/l) produces serious organ damage. The name “Hyperglycemia” is derived from Greek language in which hyper relates to ‘excessive’; word glyc relates to ‘sweet’; and emia relates to ‘of the blood’.

For the people who are suffering from diabetes, hyperglycemia symptoms are alarming sign. Thus, an instant medicinal attention is necessary. This disease leads to damage of organs when level of glucose in blood rises to chronic level. One should not ignore such symptoms since ignorance can be turned out in some severe injure. Read about eczema symptoms and eczema treatment.

Following are some of the common signs and symptoms of hyperglycemia:
•    Increased Urination
In people with high blood glucose level, automatically the body identifies it and seeks to clear the surplus levels via blood filtering with the help of kidneys. After that, this blood is thrown out as urine from the body. When a person goes to bathroom more times than normal and excrete some extra volume of urine then he/she might be hypoglycemic.
•    Continuous Hunger
When a kid undergoes hyperglycemia symptoms, he/she would experience hungry over and over. The reason behind that is an ordinary meal is not capable to entirely use the undue high blood glucose level inside his/her body. So hypoglycemic people feel less energetic and thus his/her body rouses the sensation of hunger.
•    Increased Thirst
As the hypoglycemic body releases too much amount of urine a hypoglycemic person would feel thirstier. This is because body tries to maintain the usual fluid level in it. So that when a hypoglycemic person suffers from hyperglycemia symptoms, he/she will be consuming extra water than normal.
•    Blurred Vision
Blurred vision is the next syndrome which has been enlisted in hyperglycemia symptoms. When the human body notices high blood glucose level, it seeks to throw it or flush it out. Fluid from the body can also be released via eyes. So that in order to free surplus sugar from the blood, a hypoglycemic person may cause a syndrome of double or blurred vision.
•    Dryness in the Mouth
One more indication of hyperglycemia is mouth dryness. This comes about when excess urination due to high blood glucose level results in less fluid levels. So that it makes dryness in the mouth of hypoglycemic people.
•    Weakness
A hypoglycemic people feels too much weakness because his/her body is incapable to utilize the high level of glucose in the blood. Surely, this makes hypoglycemic people experience more tired and less energetic. People suffering from hyperglycemia tend to sleep extra than normal or they take more than a few naps during a day.
•    Sudden Weight Loss
Some of hypoglycemic people may also go through sudden weight loss. This occurs since the body of hypoglycemic people is incapable to make use of the too much glucose in the blood. Consequently, the body in order begins to burn the extra fat to provide the necessary power levels. Read more about postprandial hyperglycemia.

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